Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Entrapped Spirit

It is a good habit to remind yourself periodically that your spirit is entrapped in matter. The more you lovingly care for the body and mind, the greater your awareness, light, beauty and health. The care you give to the outer opens the way for the inner to express freely as you.
Hate, fear, greed, doubt and all the intense emotions that are opposite of love, light, wisdom and beauty create future imbalanced experiences. These experiences can be altered, neautralized when the mind and soul awakens to the truth of its Real Identity as light and spirit. The ego-personality is not the authentic you. Knowledge of our spirit identity, understanding and being pure in our intent, compassionate and a genuine love for life can wipe clean all the confusion and nonsense that is keeping the soul separated from its Source. Separation only happens in consciousness. The personality moves away from the Source, not the opposite.

The only true life is one that is lived consciously as spirit. If the individual spirit feels limited in its embodiment and unable to express its full potentiality, it will find a way to discard the form. Light in every electron desires to expand. If the personality and the way it has lived the physical life has been disabled, it will find a way to discard the form. When you really look at this thought closely, you will understand what is meant by the expression 'the living dead'. The inner light of the individual is in bondage. A soul has a choice and if it is happy with its choice in discarding the body, it has made the right choice. Regardless of the choices made, the soul continues onward towards its goal, which is conscious perfection. Eventually, the cumulative experiences will satisfy and the soul's journey ends in conscious oneness with its own spirit/light and the expansive Light of its Creator.

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