Thursday, March 6, 2008

Looking at Suffering

Although Jesus suffered, he did not have to. He chose his path. The path happened to be during a time of great spiritual ignorance and turmoil. His choice came from an inner well of deep understanding. He understood that the spiritually ignorant live in fear, despise change and resist responsibility for their own actions. He knew that the common energy was barbaric and that barbarians kill. That was his sacrifice. To place his sublime consciousness in a field of muck and mud.

Suffering is not required by law to evolve although that is the typical program most souls choose. Understanding truth and being the light is the answer. Through deep understanding, compassion, discernment, unlimited possibilities and a love for the creative act of simply being who we are molds the thinking mind so it may receive truth and digest it correctly. The thinking part of the mind becomes a receptable for unconditional love and infinite wisdom.

From the human point of view, I am well aware of the challenges that exist for souls who have attained a measure of inner peace and have already awakened love, goodness and balance within. We watch suffering. Those whom we love may be neglectful of personal consciousness or have ongoing disorder in their lives. It is then that we must train our own mind to be compassionate but yet detached. Everyone is not on the same time table to develop and control his or her senses and experiences. If you live in this type of situation, focus on your own center remembering that you too had to learn through effort how to achieve and sustain a state of equanimity as your initiation into Buddha or Christhood.

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

I share your view. Concerning Jesus, I would say he knew he had managed to go over all the difficulties faced by a normal human. The latter is so much fear, death. Destroy this temple, I rebuilt in three days.