Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Everything is Choice

Everything is choice from the lowest and simplest form of life to the highest and most complicated. The only judgment given is the judgment from the unforgiving and dissatisfied part of the mind, soul and personality. There is no great Being dictating what you should do or not do. Remember, free will is your tool to use.

There have been commandments given, principles explained, laws created for moral reasons and the development of character defined. Guidelines have been offered throughout the ages to bring Divine Mind's Order into man's disorder. When we finally know and accept the spirit Self, we write the commandment, the principle, the law and it is our choice as to whether it is useful for growth or to be discarded. In other words, every unit of intelligent Light is free to express through the choices it makes. Learning comes through contemplation, meditation, prayer and action. It is not so much the effect that should be feared but the importance to understand the cause. When the thinking part of the mind understands the cause, effects can be neutralized and healed and discontinued if one chooses.

What works towards our inner joy is an understanding of the higher part of who we really are. Units of Light consciously and unconsciously are continuously seeking means to create and expand the power within. The incarnating soul needs to redefine itself in each incarnation experience. If the soul is not satisfied and feels limited, it is time to recreate the personality and physical body using the model of the higher Self as a guide to outwardly reflect beauty, truth, love and completeness.

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