Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Past Lives

Have you ever wondered why someone else appears to have everything going perfectly in his life and you are going through loss and perhaps relentless suffering on many levels? There are many possible explanations. It could be that your friend or loved one focused on purification and higher knowledge on matters that eternally count somewhere else in time. It could also indicate that he has chosen to take a brief 'vacation' from inner thinking, drama and spiritual evolution. Another possibility, the easiness of his life could also indicate that he has reached a level of inner peace and the effects of his developed consciousness are now evident. I personally feel that many advanced souls have ongoing challenges during this cycle of collective soul history because they have chosen to move fast forward and realize a higher state of enlightenment. Challenges definitely make or break us. There are countless reasons behind appearances. This in itself is a good reason not to judge another or even ourselves.

The average amount of past lives each of us have experienced is beyond conscious comprehension. Sometimes, a soul is fortunate to simply understand, accept and take action on one virtue or gift gained in a past embodiment. One of the many gifts that I appreciate is the ability to periodically review the strengths of previous life achievements. A Voice whispers the name, geographical area, time of history and more. When the information is offered, I usually research the data looking for a message that will help me now. I do not share the information because it is personally meant for the expansion of personal awareness. We do have strengths that we have won from the past. Knowing what they are will help us in the present. The past, present and future are in this moment. Our strengths are blessings. Use them now. Look honestly at the weaknesses that remain and transform them into future blessings. You are the weaver of your own personal tapestry.

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