Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Power to Change

There are many possibilities to choose from. You have the power to change how you behold experiences and people. Allow yourself to really think, listen and feel. Pay attention to intuitive insights and honor your soul by consciously connecting to your feelings. Learn to prioritize asking if this decision is for the best interest of not only your self but all involved.
Open your mind and heart to new ideas. Be willing to change your mind, habits, environment and friends. You are in training and what you are training is your restless mind and actions that do not serve inner happiness or health. It is never to late to begin fresh and enjoy the living process from a higher perspective...a perspective that brings joy and fulfillment.

There are three levels of creation: thought, word and deed. What you repeat manifests as your reality. Healing experiences are proof of another power at work. The first healing we must experience is to correct the identity crisis, the main problem of humanity. You are a three fold being: body, mind and soul. What consciousness are you working from? How you feel influences your world. Most people feel from the level of the body. About 7% from the mind and only a few from the spirit. To live as we are meant to live, we must balance all three aspects of who and what we are.

You have a right to joy. Joy...what is that? God does not advocate suffering. God is a God of love. When you are true to self, honor it and the joy, real joy and love will come and it will come from within you. The within is the Kingdom of Heaven, the wisdom, love and bliss of the ancients. Mind, body and soul are equally important and are meant to work in harmony. Because the masses do not believe and live this truth, 4/5th of the world people think of life as a trial. Your body is the temple for your higher Nature. You are not separated from the Divine. You just think you are.

Look closely at your choices. The only real job any of us has on this planet is to reconnect to the Divine and stop feeling separated from It. This is living fully and successfully as love in form.
Decide who you are, what you desire to experience and then do everything in your power to be that individual. You have everything in your power to be your ideal. There are no accidents or coincidences. Bless experiences and other people as part of your awakening process. Embrace the process and move through it with confidence and peace. Strange but true, by simply changing our attitude we can actually transform our lives.

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

The unification, harmony and balance are the secret.
The realization through faith in who I am. I have nothing to do, just to be. Sosefo "Life is Life"