Thursday, March 27, 2008

You Can Be Who You Wish to Be

Believe me. You are not restricted or limited. You only think you are. You can be what you wish to be. Choose what you wish to experience regardless of age or gender. You always have a choice. If you have not been in charge, it is time that you begin. The 'you' I am referring to is the very highest part of you, the Self. Allow your higher Self to shout....this is who I am!

The Self you are honoring is Light. It is Divine, an immortal intelligence whose true energy or essence is unconditional love. You already have the gifts and treasures of spirit within. In most souls, the gifts are dormant waiting patiently for recognition and use. You can be the freedom, love, joy, balance and the wisdom of the ages in a physical form. It is your choice.

Life is a gift. If you change your attitude and understand what I am saying, you will realize that every moment is holy. Your thoughts and words are power. You created your life. No one really does anything to us. We allow and accept the acts directed at us. Through honoring Self and the Self in others, you awaken a reverence for life. Only you can get your life to take off. Love who you really are. Embrace it regardless of what you are doing. The Still Small Voice is closer than you realize.

You are a sacred light on a sacred journey. The goal of life is to know the highest truth of Self and to stay centered on this truth. The first relationship and best is with the Self. We are holy regardless of the appearance. Make friends with your essence within. I trust that I have opened new possibilities for you. Do yourself a great favor....always keep in mind that there is more than one possibility.

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