Monday, March 31, 2008

The Second Great Wave of Angels

Angels are found all around the world in art. The second great wave of angels occurred in the Middle Ages and was reflected in the art and poetry of the times. An intense interest in the appearance and influence of the shining ones developed throughout the Jewish, Christian and Muslim worlds. In more recent times, angels make themselves known through modern communications especially the entertainment industry. Unquestionably, the best loved angel movie of all time is "Its a wonderful Life", the Jimmy Stewart classic that is shown every Christmas on television. George Baily, Stewart's character, is saved from suicide by his guardian angel. If you saw another old movie, "Grand Canyon", Kevin Kline is grabbed by an angel disguised as a young woman averting his being hit by a speeding bus.

Anyone whose life has been touched by the grace of an angel will agree wholeheartedly with the thought that angels are messengers from God: beings of beauty, purity and kindness as well as guardians and protectors. Some of you may remember the movie "Heaven Can Wait", a remake of the 1940 angel movie, "Here comes Mr. Jordan". Critics also loved "Wings of Desire" .For many years television had as one of its most popular shows, 'Highway to Heaven', in which the late Michael Landon played an angel named Jonathon Smith whose mission on earth was to persuade people to love and help one another. This season, 'Eli Stone', a lawyer guided by angels has turned out to be a very good show. The story line emphasizes listening to your 'inner voice' and visions and life's challenges can turn out very good.

Famous people have been touched by angels. George Washington during a terrible winter at Valley Forge claimed an angel appeared to him in his despair. The angel renewed his faith and ensured Washington of Victory. Abraham Lincoln often mentioned he felt the presence of angels as he labored at his desk late at night in the White House. During the middle ages, Joan of Arc, a sixteen year old farm girl lead an army that defeated the English and saved the French throne. She said she was inspired by the voices of two archangels, Michael and Gabriel, to take up arms against the invaders. More to come........

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