Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Well Known People and Angels

I love it when people in the public eye acknowledge and give credit to an angel presence or intervention. Sometime back, Sir Ernest Shackleton, a south pole explorer, reported he and his party were always aware of one or more angels who traveled with them across the treacherous ice until they reached safety. Another explorer, Francis Sydney Smythe, had a very intimate exchange with an angel while tackling Mt. Everest in the 1930's. A friendly presence climbed by his side throughout his journey making him feel safe in the midst of great danger. At one point, the friendly presence seemed so real that Smythe divided his meager ration of chocolate and shared it with the angel. Smythe said that he never felt lonely and knew he would not come to harm. In the old and famous stories, Charles Lindberg talked about the presence that flew with him across the Atlantic watching over him when he accidentally dozed off. Wonderful stories!

More recently, such celebrities as the Rev. Billy Graham and country music legend Johnny Cash talked openly about their visitations from angels. Dr. Billy Graham in his book, "Angels: God's Secret Agents", said he was convinced angels exist to provide unseen aid on our behalf. Since then, Dr. Graham has experienced a profound and personal experience with his Guardian Angel. Graham in his seventies was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and was afflicted with a variety of other ailments. Graham begged for God to take him Home but that is when he experienced an incredible encounter with his guardian angel. The angel revealed to him that his work on earth was not yet finished. The angel convinced him that he must continue his work on earth.

Graham had a spectacular celestial experience where he journeyed to Heaven during a series of angelic visits during a several month period. His guardian appeared to him as a winged warrior dressed in radiant white garments. He said the angel told him he has been looking after him all his life. The angel revealed a glimpse of the heaven realm that awaited Billy. He received three messages and three visits. Graham accepted God's Will that he still has work to do on earth and he felt like a new man. Isn't this an inspiring message?

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

For me what I just read about the angels is new. It seems to me that some experiences similar to what you describe. I think I understand the principle of faith. This is only my faith and my faith that allows me to consciously take advantage of their presence. I take note. Sosefo thank you "Life is Life"