Friday, April 4, 2008

Dramatic Angel Interventions

A long time ago, I remember reading a story where Rev. Billy Graham recounted another story that happened to a Rev. John Paton, a pioneer missionary in the New Hebrides Islands. Hostile natives surrounded Paton's mission headquarters one night with the intention on attacking Paton and his wife. The couple prayed through the night. As daylight arrived, they were amazed to find the threat had vanished. Later, the chief of the tribe converted to Christianity. Rev. Paton asked the chief why he had not carried out his attack. The chief replied it was because of the army surrounding the Paton home. Startled, Paton said that only he and his wife were present. "No", the chief replied. The chief went on to say that there were hundreds of big men in shining garments standing guard with drawn swords who were encircling the mission.

From personal experience and stories like the preceding one, it becomes very obvious to us that we not only have our own guardian angel (s) but in special circumstances God sends hundreds of angels to protect us. The following is a story along the same lines. It is a true and old story of Attila the Hun camped at the gates of Rome in 452 AD and the Roman army collapsing. Attila retreated because when Pope Leo went empty handed to the barbarian camp begging him to spare the city, Attila saw two shining beings with flaming swords standing along side Pope Leo. Isn't this comforting to know?

I personally know a great deal about the swords of angels, particularly the traditional flashing sword of Archangel Michael. I had returned from someone's workplace that was heavily filled with negative energy. The energy was so powerful that my normal exuberant and healthy energy felt completely drained. As soon as I got home, I went to bed. Being clairvoyant, I saw the ugliest darkness that had followed me home. This dark energy was an intelligence and it was strong. I started to pray in my weakened state. All of a sudden, I saw Archangel Michael's silver/blue flashing sword coming from the left of my bedroom straight as an arrow to the dark energy looming in the right side of the room dissipating it instantly. As soon as the sword struck through the blackness, my energy returned and I felt like my usual energetic self.

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