Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why are Angels Here?

The evidence shows that angels are here because we are loved. They treat us in the way humans need to treat each other. They guide, guard, warn, comfort, teach and sometimes behave very much like a good friend and companion. There have been times when I have felt lonely and my hand is actually touched or my cheek gently stroked. It could be that we only sense their presence and in rare moments we may receive their caring thoughts when we are embroiled in a crisis. I have seen angels as huge glorious beings standing well above the ceiling.
I am always amazed by their beauty and youthfulness. They have also appeared as brilliant flashes of Light. I have one particular angel who wears a gown of brilliant blue. She loves to dance. Her dancing is a way to demonstrate the freedom and joy that she feels as God's emmisary and helper.

I am convinced that angels will do just about anything to help us live more joyful and meaningful lives. Billy Graham says that the role of angels is to comfort us, to give us peace and joy even at the most critical hour when it is time for us to leave the earth. When my father-in-law was ill with cancer, he beckoned me to the side of his bed. He said that 'they' are coming next Wednesday. I asked him who 'they' were. He said the angels. The angels were right on time and this kindly man left in peace and love.

One of my earlier encounters was during an emergency snow storm. My young son and I were lost in the woods. The trails were covered with snow. We had been out all day and were very cold. The night was quickly coming and we were totally confused as to our location. We had not seen another human for at least an hour. I called the angels. Far across a large expanse of land, I spotted two human looking beings. They motioned to us to follow them. They kept their distance, never talked and would pause when I would fall in weariness. This arrangement continued in the darkness of night until I first knew that the surroundings were beginning to look familiar. I called out to them thank you, thank you, I know where we are now. They immediately vanished. During our entire experience, we saw no one nor was there any other human or car in the parking lot. We would have frozen to death if the angels of love had not answered our prayers. By the way, the answer was instantaneous. The feeling of love and genuine concern for us remains until this day.

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