Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How to meet an Angel

If you desire to be in touch with an angel, the approach is basically in the same way that you would be in touch with your own divinity. It is through faith, trust and an acceptance of the finer worlds of Light and Love. The invisible planes, which can be visible as well as felt by sensitive minds and hearts, are all one, not two. In other words, creation is not separated. The thinking mind only assumes it is. Once a person believes, an attitude of trust and knowing must be acted upon in all that he or she does. Help is available to those who ask. In asking, we are reaching out to both our inner divine spirit and the angels. Spirit and angels look upon the soul as being temporarily entrapped in matter. If the inner Self and the guardian angels are ignored, they are not as evident as they could be. It doesn't matter if you belong to an organized religion or are an independent thinker and believer. Everyone has both the inner spark of divinity and divine help available through love and belief.

What you can do in a non emergency situation is to simply relax and be receptive to the mysterious inner voice that all of us hear at one time or another. Belief is required on your part. Then, sit back and wait. Angels appear in many forms. The ones I see rarely have wings. We usually see what we expect to see. Their radiant colors and light are of a different frequency than what we normally understand as color. Although all the colors of the rainbow may be displayed, brilliant blues and greens are commonly associated with flashes of Light. When appearing in a recognizable form, they look like us but taller, ageless and absolutely flawless.

One of the ways that you may recognize an angel's presence is through a feeling of peace and warmth that flows through your mind and body. This is true even when the angel is not seen. Their messages are clear and positive. You will retain a vivid memory of an angelic visit. My first angel encounter happened when I was alone and praying one afternoon. Several brilliant beings of Light stood before me. Their combined energy was so intense that I fell down on my knees crying in joy. I felt that my room including the carpet was holy ground. The experience was all embracing.

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