Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ways of Identifying an Angel

A long time ago, I read about St. Bartholomew who was one of the first who went on record stating that angels may be identified by a trailing and wonderful fragrance. The unexplained scent of roses or pines in the air may be a clue that an angel has passed by. The refreshing smell of a rich pine forest is associated with angels on a healing mission. A sandalwood fragrance symbolizing healing angels. The scent also indicates angels who arrive with creative and inspirational messages and suggestions. Guardian angels are said to radiate a fragrance that is sweeter than a flower garden in full bloom.

Angels come in all shapes, sizes and colors both visible and invisible to the physical eye. You see them for the most part with your inner eye. An angel experience changes us. As we develop through noble and unselfish efforts, we draw closer to them. While we achieve soul progression, they will be patiently waiting and seeking our recognition and love. An attitude of expectancy, love and belief have everything to do firsthand experiences. It is a blessing to be aware of their nearness. Always be grateful for the slightest token of helpfulness, meaning even in the small things like losing a lost item and suddenly knowing where it is.

Angels speak to us through our thoughts and sudden visions and dreams. As an example, two nights ago I was shown in a dream that if I loaned my computer to my friend the printer would not work once it was returned to me. The dream was correct. At the moment my printer is not working. Last week, I had a dream where I saw myself on my hands and knees on the wood floor in the hallway scooping something up that I could not identify in my dream. Well, later the morning of the next day I was on my hands and knews scooping up sewage. A plumber was called. The common drain for the building had backed up in my laundry room. It took hours to clean up the awful mess. That wasn't a part of the plumber's job assignment.

I have also been given many dreams where I am to warn someone of a possible accident. Years ago, I was shown my daughter running on a trail in the D.C. area during her work lunch hour. The next thing I saw was her body lying motionless on the path covered with leaves. I immediately called her and described the area that was secluded and appeared very much like a tunnel created by the beautiful trees. Sure enough...I described her daily jogging area. She listened to me and changed her route. The horrific part is later that very week a woman jogger was murdered on that same path. I urge you to always listen and act, if possible, on the dream or vision given to you. Once I did not. I had an early morning dream of one of my son's driving home from a local college and his face was so bloody and the lips distorted that I did not actually understand it to be him in the dream. Well, later that day when driving home that very same accident happened and his lip was split open after hitting the windshield. Because we were both rushing, I had not taken the time to share either analyzine or share the dream. Also, I was not absolutely positive it was my son in the dream. Sometimes, we must learn the hard way. I have forgiven myself but imagine how I felt. To me this is evidence that there are multiple possibilities that we can choose to live from. The more spiritually aware and discerning we are,the greater our awareness. We become alert to the many possibilities and choose the one that will bring balance and not harmful results.

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