Thursday, April 10, 2008

Awareness of Angel Presence

When we are aware that there are invisible beings willing to help us, it is more likely they will make their presence known. Angels speak to us through our thoughts. You do not need to do anything extraordinary or have attained a high level of spiritual mastery to attract them. All you need to do is trust and believe that there are beings who care about your safety, evolution and healing. Angels do not try to force us to do anything. They hope that we will pay more attention to messages they send, not them. Angel words are always filled with the Light, joy, peace, wisdom, love, courage and confidence that comes from our Father-Mother God. We cannot force them to come to us but, we can invite them.

Did you know that there are designer angels? I know that sounds strange. Here is an example. If you have a problem, define the problem and ask that an angel come who can give assistance in that particular area. There are angels whose speciality is education. Others specialize in healing, writing, art, music, business and as guardians. Why not ask for an angel with a particular expertise in the area of your need?

Interestingly enough, some people actually set a place at the dinner table for personal guardian angels as symbolism of angels being included in the family circle. Angels are unlimited. There are many possibilities. For instance, one or more can be assigned to groups or organizations that have an objective purpose in promoting balance, compassion or deep thinking. Groups of people with a selfless intention or cause develop a group mind that will attract angels. Acknowledge the group angel energy and send this energy before you. Ask the group guide to help with any challenges and support a new awareness within the group. Angels are everywhere we are. I have a friend who psychically sees angels administering to patients at her local hospital.

My purpose is to remind you that you are never alone. We cannot judge by appearances. Be conscious of the truth that our Creator has given angels charge over us, to guard us in all our ways. Take the time to stop and remember them. Offer your gratitude and allow a higher love and peace to embrace you. If you have not already, contact your personal guardian angel today.

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

What you said here, opens a door in my heart. Thank you Shirlee. Sosefo "Life is Life"