Friday, April 11, 2008

Angels, Forgiveness & Healing

Angels are associated with healing. Their knowledge is pure, wise and comforting. Of course, they are not subject to sickness or injury. Their helpfulness is untiring. The basis of all healing is forgiveness. Letting go of the wounds people inflict on us is part of the process. Forgiveness also includes the wounds we inflict on others, which more than likely will haunt if left unattended. Whenever there is a need for healing, there is a need for forgiveness. Forgiveness is the angelic road to healing. We came from the Light, which is love, wisdom and unity. While on earth, we ignorantly create too much disorder and pain. Many people accept the unbalanced way of living as normal. Angels find this form of moral and spiritual ignorance intolerable. Angels are ready to work with receptive souls when they stop displaying resistance and judgments. They often arrive on the scene so we may have a glimpse of a finer existence, which freely uses spiritual medicine.

Perhaps, you have had an angel experience and simply did not recognize it as one. A very special friend of mine, Dawn, shared with me the following story. Her third child was five months old at the time and had been diagnosed with a respiratory virus that was not improving after two long months of around-the-clock treatments and medication. She remembers one evening being totally exhausted and on her knees praying. All of a sudden, Dawn looked up and saw two magnificent and tall celestial beings. The angels did not have discernible faces. Instead, they were enmeshed in forms of beautiful vibrating colors of radiant light. The colors were white, blue and pink.

The angels did not say anything, nor did they have to. They radiated such a loving healing presence that my friend was not only in awe, but knew from that glorious moment that her child would be healed. He was. To this day, he is healthy and energetic. Dawn mentioned that she will be forever thankful to the brilliant beings and other compassionate beings of Light who are always nearby guiding, comforting and protecting.

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