Monday, April 14, 2008

More thoughts on angels...

Meditation is a process by which we try to free our minds of words and concepts so that we can listen with all of our attention to inspired thought. Sometimes, it is our higher Self speaking to us. Other times, inspiration and guidance may be a direct link to an angel. Meditation assists us in emptying our ego in order to be filled with God's Presence. Offering devotion to our Father-Mother God is one way of acknowledging our relationship with the Divine. Love fills us with Light. The Light reveals the darkness both blessing and healing that which needs to be touched.

I suggest you not only praise and appreciate the Divine within but also love and be grateful towards the angels who are always ready to act on our behalf. When we appreciate the Divine, it raises consciousness. Praise, adoration and thanksgiving are a form of prayer. Our willingness to thank the One Power is a barometer of how much healing has been actually accomplished. Angels remind me of how blessed we really are. They work to counteract the negativity around us, saving us from harm and unnecessary pain. For instance, one day my young son came home from school with an injured ankle. An accident in the playground left him limping. The two of us sat together in front of an old fashioned u-shaped dresser that included a full length mirror in the center of it. I put my hand on his ankle and asked for a healing.
Simultaneously, we saw an enormous angel in the mirror. We were so startled that we actually jumped. As soon as we saw the angel, the pain left the ankle. It was healed.

Angels play a large role in my life. Recently, I wrote a book,'Be-Embracing the Mystery'. Both angel and healing stories are found throughout the book. Our physical bodies can be compared to space suits. The angels help us when the bodies need repair or when the space suit breaks down beyond repair, which we call dying. The separation of our soul and body is watched over most carefully by angels.

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