Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Angels & Departures

I have called on the angels to help with the healing and releasing of earthbound souls to the Light. I remember when a friend called me regarding an entity that
was bothering a neighbor. The entity in this case was an earthbound soul who seemed to prefer the neighbor's basement. The current owner's dog was well aware of the 'ghost' presence. When I went over to his house, we immediately descended to the basement as a group, the owner, his dog, my friend and my self.

Before I left for the house, I felt prompted to bring my cassette player and a tape with a Catholic chant, candles and incense. My feelings proved correct once the music began and I walked throughout the entire area. I was picking up a male entity who was the previous owner of the house. He had committed suicide. He was remaining close to the house because he felt deprived of a proper memorial service. Once I knew what he wanted, I proceeded to offer him the love and compassion that his soul
had asked for. The 'service' that I did for him obviously satisfied his feeling nature. At the beginning of the service, the angels were called. They always come when asked for. Once I was finished, the soul willingly went with the angels to the Light. It was very interesting to observe the owner's dog. We watched the dog turn his head and follow the angels and the soul's departure.

Another friend's husband committed suicide. She came to my home and we called on her departed husband. I asked him to turn on the kitchen light switch if he were present. This was for the benefit of his wife. Once he turned the overhead light on, I called the angels to help his soul leave and go to the Light. His wife and I with the help of the angels first conducted a healing service for the husband. When we were finished and everything was readied for his departure, the power and love of the angels was so amazingly good and beautiful I thought for a moment that his wife who looked like she was in a state of bliss was going to leave with them as well.

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Anonymous said...

Beloved Shin, Thank you again for this inspiring and beautiful gift you give us each day. I have such joy and gratitude each morning as I click on the bookmark that leads me to this site, knowing that you have given yet another longed-for glimpse of Higher Truth. I especially loved the part about the dog. Yours Forever, Kristin