Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Angels & Exorcisms

Two movements are occurring simultaneously on earth. There is a rise in greed, violence, hate and fear and a gentle rise in authentic spirituality. For those of us who look to God, Light and ascension we have the angels as helpers, messengers and healers. There are souls, particular ones who have experienced sudden death or lacked spiritual knowledge and in some cases lacked faith prior to physical death who choose to linger near earth and familiar people. Many feel they have unfinished business and actually desire to finish it. There are also souls do not realize that the physical body is gone. Strange as it may seem, there are intelligences in the invisible realms who have never experienced love. The unending mixtures of possibilities here on earth exist in the invisible planes.

I have met souls with the above consciousness and disconnection with the higher Reality. They can be so attached to a geographical area that they refuse to leave even though a physical body is nonexistent. I remember an event that I was offering in Wisconsin. The history of the area indicated that Indians had at one time lived on the grounds. Being sensitive, I kept picking up their energy. It was so unsettling that I did not offer the workshop that I had planned. I did something entirely different and shorter. When finished my friend, who is very clairvoyant and could see Indians everywhere on the grounds, and I decided to conduct a ceremony releasing the souls from the earth.

The angels were called and participated in the ceremony. At the completion of the ceremony, the angels lovingly took the Indians to Higher ground, so to speak. I had a distinct feeling that they would find their way back to this area of earth that was obviously special to them. Afterwards, I thought deeply about what we had done. Perhaps, the physical area was to Indian souls the happy hunting grounds. Had we interfered with their choice? I pacified my feelings by recognizing that the angels would know what is best for a soul. Yes, we are meant to move on and not stagnate but, the question still remained. They were doing no harm to others. If God does not judge, would celestial beings eventually come and release them from their attraction to a specific area on earth? Hopefully, the Indians would at some point of awakening awareness realize that the purpose of having a soul is to progress and return to our real Home, the Home of all souls... the Father-Mother God.

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