Thursday, April 17, 2008

Angels & Exorcisms

I have found that at different times in my life, the unexpected has appeared in the form of entity attachments. The individual being attacked or misguided sometimes isn't even aware that it another entity influencing his or her decisions and behavior. When the situation reaches the point of almost no return, I have been called upon to help.

Of course, I turn around and call on celestial help. The sad part of this process is that all entity attachments are not removed. I knew a woman who was controlled by a very negative invisible entity. At first, she was willing to accept help. A recording was even made at a hypnotherapist session to prove to her that there was a male earthbound soul who had evil designs on her. The woman came to me to have it removed. I could feel and hear him but when it came close to his being removed from her force fields and taken away she stopped the process. She wanted him in her energy field. She wanted his company for her own twisted reasons.

I have asked the assistance of angels to remove a very dark intelligence from the hip of a friend. The entity mocked me and the subject of love and light claiming he knew nothing about either one. He was successfully removed because the patient wanted him gone. Interestingly enough, the hip healed instantly. The dark entity said he would return if the man would become depressed and negative himself. The angels took the lost soul to a brighter place. Having free will does not mean that he will remain there, particularly, after the statement he made to me about the possibility of his return.

Another case was a young woman who looked like she could be on her death bed. When my friend brought her carefully into my home, I smelled death. I was concerned that
she would die right then and there. I called the angels. They helped me understand that the patients deceased sister, of all people, wanted the sister to join her on the other side. The angels suggested what I would need to say and do and fortunately the sister was removed and brought to the Light accompanied by the angels. Once the deceased entities energy was removed from the frail and ill sister, her strength gradually returned to health.

A great deal of manipulation is used against humans because the earthbound entities on the 'other side' have an advantage point as far as what they can observe both here in the physical world of matter and on their level of vibration. This is one of the primary reasons I never gravitate towards people who channel personalities from other realms. Most people on earth lack discernment and are very gullible accepting whatever nonsense that is given to them as absolute truth.

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