Friday, April 18, 2008

Angels & Faith

I believe that the current interest in angels is part of an on-going effort of people to find peace. It is one of many ways the Invisible Hand of the Divine guides us. When we are in a state of mind to receive help in any form, we receive from the Divine an experience of the connectedness between the physical and spiritual worlds. We can also be touched through very high and subtle levels of interaction from celestial beings in vision, dreams and in some cases, out of the body experiences.

This can be a distraction if it becomes your focus. Meaning, we can become caught up in the pleasure or the flattery. Although the experiences give us hope and make us feel like we are loved, I suggest that you do not indulge in experiences with celestial beings. I say this because our purpose in the flesh is soul progression and to develop a will for perfection. Perfection in my way of thinking becomes a reality when we merge the Higher Nature with the lower nature. The Higher Nature becomes the power in control. It is not visions and occult experiences that we must cultivate. If we become attached to admiration of the invisible life, we might become complacent regarding our own spiritual growth.

At the same time, pay attention and notice your dreams or premonitions. Do you hear voices giving you words of encouragement or perhaps feel or sense an invisible support around you? Believe in these experiences. Celestial help exists all around us. By accepting this fact and opening our spiritual senses we can become aware of them. One purpose they serve is to remove the scales from our eyes. Simultaneously, it is prudent to develop discrimination and reach a place in mind where we understand what is important in our development and what is a distraction along the way. The supernatural is fascinating, but our own developed love for God and Faith is what matters. Even in difficult situations, depend on your Faith in the Lord to do what's best.

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