Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Opinion on Channeling

Since you are taking the time to read my blog, I am asking you to step out of the box as I offer my opinions on various subjects. The opinions are usually founded on firsthand experience. Instead of going down the rabbit hole, we will time travel through a wormhole faster than Light. The law of Physics may require you to do this to more fully understand who you really are. Imagination, belief systems, desires create parallel universes. This is a scientific law that each one of us exists in multiple places simultaneously. It just so happens that where we are consciously right now is the reality that manifested. It does not mean that the other possibilities do not exist. You can deliberately change your reality with imagination, passion, determination, understanding and focus. It is all about demanding truth.

My first opinion has to do with the subject of channeling. Channeled material can easily stagnate the soul. Metaphysics as practiced in the last 25 years or more has in many ways has worked to retard soul progression more than to help it. The world consists mainly of robots. I was almost killed by a so-called ego with powers when I was in my early 20's. Firsthand experience with a demonic force coming through a power hungry personality vividly showed me what I would be up against the rest of my life. Metaphysics as it has been expressed for 3 decades has brought a glimmer of hope to some souls and at the same time darkness and confusion. The whole idea of channeling entities from the other side as your primary means of soul education defeats the purpose of soul evolution in the majority of cases.

The purpose for our being in the flesh is to bring spirit into form. The safest and surest method is firsthand experience with the Divine. You may argue that having firsthand experience with an invisible entity answers your desire for quick answers and truths about your self. This only holds true if you attract to you an astral being or higher who has pure intent and a large dose of self-mastery.
An entity on the 'other side' can tell you anything it wants and you have no way to really prove it. Perhaps, on a psychic-earth level but rarely on a spirit or celestial level. The invisible entities who are close to self mastery or have reached it usually understand and teach that you must achieve your own soul progression through devotion, discipline, discernment and steadfastness. The highly evolved ones encourage humans to wake up and make a solid commitment to growth through self-mastery. If you follow the path of asking an entity for solutions, you give the entity control and it is very unlikely that you will gain self-mastery choosing that particular path. At the same time, you will be ignoring your own inner Teacher who waits patiently for you to love and connect with it.

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