Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Opinion-Psychic Readings

Psychics can be right on target regarding physical and material happenings this lifetime because they read your current aura. Some of their readings may connect and be influenced by entities in the subtle realms, primarily the lower astral dimensions. When it comes to a past lifetime of a client or the evolution of a particular soul, I would not trust what the psychic claims as your past identity. As an example, there are altogether too many Cleopatra's, Nefertiti's, Mary Magdalene's and disciples of Jesus out there. The average person would love to hear that they were someone special in the past particularly if his or her life is ordinary right now. What is received either by you or a psychic is determined by many factors such as consciousness, desires, belief systems, conditioning, current state of mind and emotional stability.

How do you validate the information being given to you? For a psychic to correctly read a soul, he/she must have a highly developed consciousness that transcends the 6th sense. Some of them are very good at reading the current energy that you are carrying around as baggage but when it comes to soul development, forget it. Unless one is highly evolved, the soul evolution of another or one's self cannot be read. Astrology, tarot and other tools will tell you about tendencies, influences, probabilities and the personality but, it is the rare reader who can reveal consciousness or the truth about past life experiences. There is but One Mind and what is tapped into may be someone else's experience and not physically yours.

If you accept what a psychic tells you, you may become locked into the suggestion or statement given to you. It can be similar to a voodoo doll experience. A suggestion is planted in the mind and emotions that can actually destroy you if you take the information seriously. There is a tremendous difference between a psychic and an enlightened being. The psychics typical focus is on the lower nature, the personality and physical body. Your responsibility as an evolving soul is to learn discernment, think for yourself and understand that the entities on the other side may have mischief in mind. Yes, there are altogether too many earthbound souls who will try and dampen the heart and mind of a human. What better way is there to bring darkness into the mind and emotions than through false information being projected into consciousness.

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