Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fear and Hate

Psychology plays a very persuasive part in our life. For an example, if a psychic told your child that as an adult his business would fail and his life would end prematurely, how would you feel regarding the message? What if he never told you about the suggestion until it was almost too late? This is manipulation or voodoo in my way of thinking. The words remain and haunt the target. Because fear is planted, a thought form is created that can actually come to pass. This is a form of malpractice. It is time everyone be responsible and exercise soul damage control. Don't make a habit of looking outside yourself for answers of the soul. Your mind is a projection of the Supreme Mind. Use it.

Stop believing whatever you read or are told. Develop discernment, be a deep thinker and be able to tell the difference as to what is true and what is not true.
Nothing is set in stone. There are infinite possibilities and probabilities. Choices and belief system create your future.

Hate, fear, greed and all the other emotions that are opposite of love, light, wisdom and beauty create future challenging experiences. These experiences can be altered and neutralized when the mind and soul awakens to the truth of its real identity as light and spirit. The individual soul, the jiva, is not really the authentic you. Knowledge, understanding, compassion and love can wipe clean all the confusion and nonsense of a soul who is separated from its true identity. At that moment, the soul (jiva) wakes up to itself as spirit (Siva) realizing that it has been that presence all the time.

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