Friday, April 25, 2008

Invisible Guides & Manipulation

Your true identity is Spirit-Light-Intelligence projected into the matter, emotions and mind that you think of as your self. This is your everyday baggage that you carry around in a state of waking consciousness. Spirit is trapped in space-time. This is the great sacrifice talked about in ancient teachings. This is how a physical world is made manifest. God had to become a part of it. In the meantime,the individual projections of the One Mind forgot its origin. All contracts are of the lesser nature,the lower part of the mind and can be changed, dissolved, enhanced and enlivened.

By now, you probably have a good idea as to some of the consequences that can happen if you totally rely on outside influences which include guides of the invisible worlds. Very few people appear to use discernment regarding the influences they receive. Is it possible to really know the intent of a so-called guide? Did Krishna, Buddha or Jesus ever suggest you depend on an outside source for information? Instead of relying on an entity that could actually through its energy dim the light that you are, why not simply surrender control of your ego? One definition of surrender is to let go of fixed and erroneous belief systems to the strength, power, love and beauty of the higher eternal Self.

Why not expand the energy of your innermost being? The being within can be trusted. There are invisible and visible guides outside of your inner Teacher who can actually be manipulators, control freaks because they have their own agenda. Many humans function from the subconscious-emotional part of the mind and are gullible, lack discernment and blindly trust and play along with the robotic game of being a non-thinker. If guides do not have pure intent, they can pull you in by telling you wonderful and glorious things about yourself. Once they have you under their control, falsity will likely seep into any guidance offered. You attract both in the invisible and visible planes of existence according to personal soul evolution, current state of thinking and your ability to master your emotions.

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Whoever loves is a magnet, it draws him who he thinks is ... Sosefo "Life is Life"