Monday, April 28, 2008

Guides & Consciousness

There are invisible guides who will help us work towards the Good. When we have developed pure intent and desire to serve from both the heart and mind, we will attract beings of like-mind. They communicate through intuitive impulses, inspirational thoughts, words and writing. The information given will assist, encourage, enlighten and heal. There is a spirit of co-operation and acknowledgment as a direct result of our sense of worthiness, attempts at self-mastery and love for the Light. The relationship eventually become one of equality and purity in purpose. Luminous beings acknowledge that Divine growth comes through firsthand experience. In a pinch, so to speak, they will come through and assist you. For the most part, you are left to do your own deep thinking and choices. Choices determine the future. This explanation is focused on luminous beings who have already achieved self-mastery.

There are also guides for the unenlightened who have their heart and mind in the right place. This means that beings are willing to help in a time of need but will also encourage their 'charges' to do their own thinking and choosing.
There are dimensions and degrees of consciousness in the invisible vibratory planes as there are here on earth. Contact is made according to consciousness. This is why it is imperative to cleanse yourself of hindrances, fears,false conditioning and erroneous belief systems. We attract what we are in consciousness. This is why there is such a wide variance in subtle world experiences.

Accept your spirit identity. Live the true identity moment by moment. Discover what you are still hanging on to inside the box. Meditate and ask for pure guidance. Contact with the more subtle worlds of Light is more powerful when you have achieved a good measure of self-mastery. If not or you lack discernment, you can be easily deluded. If you harbor any fear or are gullible, you will attract undesirables. The goal is to reach higher to the brighter Light. The more focused you are regarding your own true spirit identity and asking to experience the Light, the more natural it is for you to open to other realities in the subtle realms. Forcing the issue will cause deception and perhaps harm to your mind, emotions and physical body. Genuine gifts of the spirit come naturally when you are prepared in consciousness.

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