Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Belief & Manifestation

Once you thoroughly grasp the truth that each soul is creating his/her own reality, you will have a better understanding of life. Anything and everything is possible. What is your truth is dependent on individual soul evolution, current mindset and whether an intimacy with the Source has been developed. What is true for one is not necessarily true for another. As an example, if you are locked into a belief system that claims you must be punished for wrong thinking and wrong doing, you will experience that belief system. Whatever you believe manifests at some point in your journey. You will definitely manifest a scenario that will give you the effects of suffering and limitation if that is what you expect. The only one judging you is you.

There is actually no karma from the celestial point of view. It is your judgment of self, a mind energy determination, that decides what happens next. Souls will experience an afterlife that mimics human life if that is the belief system. Punishment is self-inflicted although it may appear otherwise. You are like a magnet. Your subconscious governs your life. The programming of the subconscious is the creator. For the most part, it over rules the conscious belief system. Appearances are determined by how securely you are locked into the box of infinite limitation.

If you feel guilty, you will program a future whereby a punishment drama takes over. Perhaps, a desire for intense passion drives you to do harmful acts or things that you regret later on. Within all the disorder is order...the spark of God. In many ways, creation is a cosmic joke. From another view it is an enormous experimental energy laboratory. A third view sees life as matter as a glorious and magnificent means to create with the mind anything that is imaginable.

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