Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Descending Souls & Belief

Do you ever ask yourself the question as to why you are living here on earth? From my understanding desire is the motivator. The desire is to personally experience energy from the highest vibration to the lowest. What you believe, imagine, expect will eventually become reality. Every one's energy and intent differs, thus realities differ. Two souls cannot really be compared. You are not who you think you are. Nothing is as you have been conditioned to believe. There is neither a Father-Mother God figure who judges you as movies sometime portray nor is there a karmic board who decides your future. Your consciousness determines your future. Belief systems and your thoughts and actions create current and future events.

You have a will. When individual will is surrendered or merged with the will of God, the Light of the Universe, wisdom and unconditional love, everything takes on a different vibration. Harmony is created because outlook will expand and mind ascend above the differences and distinctions, which divide human beings from the truth of their inherent nature. Spirit and emanation of light is that nature. Keenly observe life and live it from an expanded heart and a mind free of limitations. A good beginning is to assume you know nothing.

Souls project into matter not because they are bad. Desire to experience matter, the five and sixth senses and to renew attachments is a major reason for life in matter. There are souls who desire to heal the past and create a future where they can eventually experience a 'heaven' consciousness while in a physical body. When the desire is satiated, it may choose never to return to matter as we know it. Elevated and awakened souls experience Light and Celestial visions while entrapped in matter. It is their conscious and visual link to the higher vibrations of Light that sustain them more than physical desire. It is a personal intimacy with the Divine that embraces love, providing the wisdom and strength required as they watch entrapped souls filled with despair all around them.

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