Thursday, May 1, 2008

Creating Balance

Meditation is an ideal way to create balance in your life. It definitely brings a sense of peace and oneness between the personality and the Divine. If you can also remember your true identity as a spirit frequently during the day, the act of reminding yourself will bring great benefits. Understanding who you really are is the most important requisite of spiritual evolution. Focused thought while driving a car, responding to other people and situations as an example will build a balance that everyone dreams about. Before you can successfully accomplish this discipline, you must finally accept who the real you actually is. Keep reminding yourself about the eternal identity as an Intelligent Light who has projected into form to experience itself in matter. Knowing, accepting and being who you are regardless of what is occurring in your life is the secret. Remembering and loving your higher Self is the greatest healing energy on the planet.

Actually, to bring real balance in your life between spirit, soul/mind and body, you will be required to sacrifice anything that entraps you in falsity. In this instance, sacrifice means not focusing on the ego-personality, which is the lowest part of your nature. The first and last obstacle is the limited and finite self. Work on eliminating all the sense sensations that prevent true understanding, true vision. Learn to elevate your mind so you can daily experience the uplifting energy of the higher and illuminated worlds of Light and Truth.

Most people think that their desires must be fulfilled and they run here and there trying to satisfy the desires. The real purpose of being in the flesh regardless of how busy we are is to attain self-mastery in soul, mind and body, which are changeable forms. 'Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect' means, be perfect as our highest Diamond Self is perfect. Do it, be it in the mind, emotions and flesh.

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