Friday, May 2, 2008

Recapture Unity

Humanity is obviously comprised of individuals. Individuals have their own vibration, agenda and soul evolution. When the vibration is raised to the degree where the majority demand truth and compassion living love unconditionally, peace will be worldwide. There are not enough opened hearts for a consciousness of wholeness at this time. The inner spirit is covered by many layers of falsity and denial. Lets face it. If the the primary focus is based on selfishness, the mind/soul cannot tap into the energies of the finer dimensions of reality.

Part of reaching higher is to be truly sorry for mistakes made in ignorance. Humanity needs to be conscious of faults and weaknesses. Soul evolution demands that we be sorry for mistakes and forgiveness needs to take place. Unenlightened man does not like to admit errors. Look around you. Most people are more apt to criticize others than analyze their own faults. When more people develop a consciousness of correcting and healing the lower nature, acknowledging and blending with the higher part of themselves, we will begin to witness peace on earth.

If your belief system is one that is divisive, study it and make changes. Learn to look past the flesh and the dramas and ask yourself serious questions about how you really feel regarding your spirit identity. Gain true knowledge by going within and listening to the Intuitive Voice. It will speak but you must listen. Being a God-Realized soul is about falling in love with purity, beauty, light, love, wisdom and simplicity. Get your personality out of the way. Examine your beliefs and their origin. Are they valid? Unity is glimpsed in witnessing the Radiant Light of God, observing Nature and being able to hold and live unconditional love. Rid yourself of everything that pulls you down. Do this and your aura becomes a garment of Light.
Lose yourself in the Divine. It is then that you consciously be who you really are.

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