Monday, May 5, 2008

Has Humanity Gone Wrong?

It is not so much that humanity has gone wrong. Humanity has been duped, misled and wallows in the illusion, the drama created. The spirit and soul is imprisoned in form. When that happens, many people behave like robots. It is time we awaken. Man has collectively forgotten his spirit origin and does not clearly understand his purpose in matter. Spiritual ignorance is the norm on this planet. Man has made his life worse through selfishness and not probing deeply for answers. For the most part, the typical human looks outside of Self for the answers. Conditioning and false beliefs have warped the soul.

It is useless to discuss peace for the world unless we first create peace in us. Being conscious examples of love, harmony, kindness and peace will change the collective energy into one of compassion and expansion. Then, we have a better chance to save the world. We must grasp the truth that we can only help others according to our abilities, inner knowledge and developed consciousness.

We know the mystery of God's love in a fuller way when we know the inner Spirit. As we become inspired to be who we really are, the soul is healed, the mind controlled and the body respected as a sacred trust. When we accept and live our true original identity as Light, spirit, a projection of the One, we begin to feel and witness beauty and light in everyone and everything. Our responsibility is to balance the soul and personality and deliberately create a conscious and co-operative union with the higher Self. The idea is to allow the higher Nature to see, hear, think and act through us as us. In this way, we become active rays of Light who exist through a developed and amazing consciousness. We know ourselves as love. When we know true love, we understand how life is meant to be lived and the truth vibrating behind all creation.

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