Friday, May 30, 2008


To accomplish change, healing and growth, we must be rock solid in our faith. It must be our primary focus. We must remain confidently in that state of mind until it is objectified. Remember, faith is the feeling we have in consciousness of the thing desired. We could say it is the secret of creation. Through faith the unseen becomes seen. Through our persistent faith, our consciousness is joined with the idea desired.

How would you feel if you were or had the desire already? When you think about it, you would have the feeling already if the desire was objectified. The feeling has to be firmly sealed within you. Faith is our part of creation or bringing forth the desired result. The rest is accomplished on the invisible level without effort. No one can tamper with your state of mind if it is tightly sealed in your belief.

It is similar to sending the word of your inner spirit Self out into the world of matter. Be clear on what it is that you will to create or possess for either yourself or another and send it out. As an example: Sit quietly and assume the mental attitude of listening, recall anything you can about your friend's voice. Really hear it. Imagine that you are hearing her voice and that she is telling you that she now has what you wanted for her. Feel your own happiness at hearing from your friend her good fortune. You have impressed upon your mind the good you desire to manifest. Then...let it go.

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