Thursday, May 29, 2008


Your desires are determined by your conception of yourself. The higher Self, God, is impersonal and is an unconditioned consciousness. The impersonal gives to the personal through our desires. To change what happens to you, you have to change your conception of yourself and your desires. Desires seek manifestation. Responsibility comes with desire. What you desire for another must be good because if it is not accepted by him, it will return to you. Don't desire negative events for others because the desire may boomerang.

In other words, never wish harm or any misfortune for another. Only wish to give to another that which you would appreciate having for your very own. This can be difficult when the other person is the opposite of everything you favor. Your immediate environment and personal heaven is a state of mind defined by your own conception of yourself and judgments regarding others. Any gift you receive is a result of a conception you have of yourself.

A fixed subjective state has a means of expressing itself that we do not know about. So what I am saying in essence is to live the Golden Rule. Consciousness is the one and only reality. If you do not like everything that is happening in your life, change your consciousness. I am well aware that when we either work or live in a group environment we are constantly bombarded by the consciousness of those near us. Even though the situation may be intolerable, we always have a choice regarding our responses. Frequently, when we guard our responses the other party who is experiencing a lesser quality of mind and life will be helped by our disciplined consciousness of love and understanding.

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