Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Formula for Healing

It is as if there are two of us. One part desires to express something other than that which it is now expressing. This first part or conception is our present idea expressing in matter right now. If someone would ask you to define your self, it is the description you would offer. You would list off all the things present in your physical and material world. Everything is based upon the evidence of the senses. The second version of who you think and feel you are is based on how you wish you could be. Most people are conscious of both versions of who they think they are.

Another way at looking at the two versions of who you are is that the first version is the current presentation and the second version is the solution to everything you do not favor in the first version. Every problem reveals its solution. What you can do is bring both versions of who you are and would like to be to your higher spirit Self. It is the higher eternal spirit Self who frees you from your problem and brings forth the solution.

To heal the first version, the life must be taken out of it. This means, you must draw your conscious attention away from it. It is your consciousness that animates anything you think or feel about who you are. One of the ways to remove your thoughts and feelings away from the unpleasant is to focus on the desired state right now. Place your attention on the second version. Dwell on the desired version constantly until the mind is fixed in the belief that you are actually now that which you desire to be or to possess. The formula is psychological and it works if you give it to the spirit eternal part, the real you in trust, gratitude and love.

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