Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Law of Self Expression

There is great power in two of you agreeing to create something good together. We agree through feeling. To work with the law of self-expression and make the invisible visible, there are definite steps we must take. Whether you do this alone or with another begin by removing your mind from the problem in the objective world.
Close your eyes and focus on a psychological different time and place. Fix the new location in your mind as the scenario for the creation. You can elaborate on the setting by picking a season and who or what will be also present at the moment of transformation. You are the author of the play.

Once everything is consciously fixed, begin to really sense and feel the new reality. In essence, you have collapsed space. You are there. Keep your eyes closed feeling the environment and situation as you have created it. Visualize what you know will happen in that moment. Feel the immediacy of it. It is solid...real. When the creation is fixed in your mind and heart, open your eyes. although the challenge remains at the moment in the objective world, you know that you have felt the change in the subjective and psychological state of an inner reality.

Be thrilled that you have set a definite psychological state that will become a reality at the time and place you created in your mind. When you consciously release that which is not good and visualize with feeling and determination a new reality, it is a blessing that you are making at a real point in time. Take your creation one step further. Why wait to the future? Consciously let go of the undesired and imagine that it is now that day and time impressing upon yourself that when you began this psychological journey in mind you really desired to experience it right now. Shift your subjective creation to the present moment and it is accomplished.

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