Monday, May 26, 2008

A Conscious Creator

First, you must accept the idea that you can create beyond your understanding of what creation means to you. Start with an idea, an urge, a desire or a word. By choosing and thinking about it, you give it birth. Now, you must give birth to a second step and that is the importance of feeling. Then, your consciousness must join the idea with the feeling. The end result is the confirmation, which is the visible proof that you know the secret of creation.

Some teachers call the joining together of an idea with a passion or feeling the mystical marriage. It produces a likeness of itself. It is a passionate feeling that creates. Feeling serves the idea and brings forth the actualization. It is an art, a trust, an awakened imagination that will make the unseen desire visible. Once you are convinced that you are a creator, you are awakened to the truth of your being.

Establish your own consciousness of being, name something that you would like to possess or express defining your ideal or objective. Then, close your eyes and feel you already have it. Feeling is the secret of your being a conscious creator. Once you really get what I am conveying, you will be filled with joy. You are then a true server of the Light as you bring goodness into manifestation.

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