Friday, May 23, 2008

Describing God

Is it possible to describe the impossible? No, but we can try by using words such as unconditioned consciousness, unified, non dual, formlessness and an undefined reality for a start. Awareness is a beginning for those of us who live in form with veils that hide our true identity as spirit in form. Being aware is also recognizing that we are somehow divorced in our thinking mind from a true sense of knowing that I Am feels separated because I accept a conditioned life.

To be able to describe God, we must awaken to the fact that we are self-existent and unconditioned existence when we are no longer in the flesh. In other words, we have a better understanding of identity when we are not in the forgetful and conditioned state of mind of a typical sense human. All our striving are attempts to know who we are without the conditions. Because humans normally have a conditioned consciousness, it becomes objectified according to their belief in the material world. Anything we say to one another or do is a reflection of our momentary state of consciousness itself.

When I was writing about the subjective part of the mind, I emphasized how consciousness whether it be one of guilt, a low sense of esteem or lack and limitation will definitely manifest condemnation, abuse, poverty and negatives in our lives. People for the most part do not think that deeply about the inner state of the mind and how it produces the outer world. The most difficult truth for man to realize is that the inner spark, essence, awareness, consciousness of being is the one and only reality. God is us. The rest is a self-created illusion...a false sense of identification. Do not claim anything to be true of yourself that you would not claim as being true of God. Something to think about.....

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