Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tell Me About Freedom

First, get deeply in touch with your spirit, the feeling and knowing who you really are. As I said before, this works for a chosen ideal, healing and a manifestation in matter regardless of the form you choose. Feeling is faith that it is already so. It is a good assumption that leads to a lasting freedom. Instead of believing in an amazing Presence solely outside of yourself, believe that you are the amazing Presence expressing through your mind and body.

We must discipline ourselves to think in a new way. The new way is the feeling of being the one we want to be and that we will be if we train ourselves to remember. These are all great suggestions but we must daily practice them to create a reality of freedom. The proof is in our assuming the reality we desire is already manifested. It is of course. It is in mind and emotions first and finally becomes visible in the world of matter. Consciousness is the cause and manifestation is the effect. There are countless ways to realize freedom. What we must do is remember and use them.

I know it can be difficult at times to look at our behavior and fully accept that God and humans, spirit and matter, the formless and formed are all one and the same. The difference lies is that we have limited ourselves through erroneous conditioning.
So, to experience true freedom we must remove the conditioning from our consciousness and God is revealed.

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