Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Live in Joyous Awareness

One of the ways to achieve authentic happiness is through prayer. When we pray, we usually are relaxed and receptive to guidance and experience a feeling of closeness. This is particularly true when we really believe our prayer is already answered. Remember, just like the moments before sleep when you program your life, prayer operates along the same energetic waves. In other words, the subconscious will definitely find a way to manifest a prayer that is stated in conviction and good intent.

What we must discipline ourselves to do is not entertain any thoughts that work against our prayer or desire statements. I suggest that you shut down your physical senses before starting to pray. What I mean by this is to consciously remove from your mind visible and tangible manifestations around you that are the opposite of what you are praying for. The idea is to be in a state of mind where you assume that you are having what you desire by ignoring the senses or appearance world during your prayer time.

The dominant feeling wins. So, prayer must become similar to a meditative state or the feeling you have just before falling asleep. You are conscious but very relaxed.
What needs to be created is a passive state. This is just the opposite of what some teachers insist you must do. There is no demanding on your part. Do what you can to get your mind and body in a passive state and know with all your heart that the wish or prayer is fulfilled. Scripture tells us that everything we need is already within us. Believe it and watch joy unfold. True prayer is a means to live in joyous awareness. It is an awareness of a higher love that will bring into manifestation the good that you are asking for.

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