Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Planting a Garden

Whether you believe me or not, you are compelled to act out your subconscious impressions. It is so easy to review and stew over past mistakes particularly just before falling asleep. That is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Stop regretting the past. When we focus on the negative, we reinfect ourselves with the very energy that needs to be permanently removed. I remind you again as well as myself that what we feel before we go to sleep determines our state of mind the following morning.

The thoughts we have before sleep are actually rehearsed in the sleep state. We are like actors trying out old or new parts. Which part is it going to be? The period before falling asleep is very important. It is the time we prepare ourselves for the role we are going to act out tomorrow. The majority of people are not free agents. They are stuck in the same old nonsense. Why not create a new plan of action?

Before you go to sleep, imagine how you would like to feel, accomplish and manifest your heart's desire. You will be creating tomorrow's drama. If you do not deliberately take this action, all the feelings and reactions of the day that just ended will make their subconscious impressions and will be the cause of future action. Plant the seeds in your imagination before falling asleep and watch them germinate and flower in the days ahead. Use the sleep state as a creative state. Please let me know how you have benefitted as a conscious gardener. This is an excellent time of the year to start a fresh planting.

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