Monday, May 19, 2008

As in the Subconscious so on Earth

Do you know that when you are fast asleep the male or conscious part of your mind turns away from the world as we know it and focuses on its female part, the subconscious part of the self? The subjective part of the mind faithfully reproduces its likeness in the world as we accept it. While we sleep or are in prayer, the conscious and subconscious unite. It is very important that whatever you are thinking about before you go to sleep be good because it will be stored in the inner and later exposed in the outer.

If you have a desire that you would like to see manifested, think about it while you are awake. Feel the wish fulfilled before you fall asleep. Feeling that you are successful will out picture in your waking world. Using your imagination see the desire as your reality. As you relax into sleep, strongly feel the desire as an actuality. After you have fallen asleep, your last feelings about yourself, others and life itself dominant consciousness. In other words, your mood before sleep determines what is held in the subjective part of the mind. If you fall asleep with thoughts of fear, the subconscious will accept your emotions. Why not relax into unconsciousness with a positive attitude that will impress and not impair your happiness?

Whatever you bring with you into the sleep state is yours to manifest in the manifested state of mind. Your subconscious sees you as you believe yourself to be. In this situation, assuming the positive is the kindest act you can do for yourself.
Imagine states of being that reach beyond experiences of the past. Exercising this simple thought projection before going to sleep, assuming it is your truth, you will change your world. You must convince yourself that what you desire is truth. This is not merely a suggestion. It is a conviction. What is in your subconscious determines two-thirds of your life on earth. You have the creative exercise to make the choices you wish to be your reality.

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