Friday, May 16, 2008

A Paradox

The feelings stored in the subconscious as impressions are to be both used and controlled. To attain self-mastery, we must understand that feelings can be our undoing or they can be perfect tools to reach an ideal or goal. The thing to remember is their fickleness and fluctuating ability. If feelings are incorrect or out of control, they destroy and work against soul evolution and happiness. If they are understood and mastered, they are a magnificent tool.

The impersonal and non selective subconscious impressions are not concerned about truth or falsity. It simply accepts that which is declared to be true for the individual. Then of course, it manifests the input received. It accepts everything it receives. So, what we need to do is monitor our feelings and understand that we do not wish to create further hindrances in our every day world. This is why all mystics and masters state that the feeling nature must be controlled. A state of mind filled with hope is impossible if we impress the subconscious with any idea of failure.

Commanding the subconscious really is not effective. It is far better to persuade it through understanding garnered from study of self and what works and what does not. It is a creative medium, a womb so to speak. What is required is for the thinking mind to take charge through an attitude of love by assuming and building an opposite feeling of the one that you previously stored in the subjective part of the mind. You must learn to assume a new truth, a new reality. Once this assumption is planted deeply in the soil of the subconscious, it will accept your new and elevated understanding as its truth. You see life through what is going on secretly within you. Your world is your consciousness objectified. So, being aware of this fact, change your inner impressions so they will benefit you and the people around you.
Self mastery is the goal. Sleep, prayer, chanting, visualization and a creative imagination will help you until you get there.

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