Thursday, May 15, 2008


Where do ideas come from? They are impressions within the subconscious through the medium of our feelings. Regardless of the idea whether positive or negative, it must be felt to impress the subconscious. If you have not controlled your feelings, you will easily impress the subconscious with all kinds of nonsense. Control doesn't mean to be rigid or unfeeling. It implies that you have actually learned how to discipline yourself. You imagine and entertain only feelings that contribute to your evolution and happiness.

If you dwell on the imperfection of yourself and others, you impress the subconscious with endless limitations. Your feelings make a powerful impression. The only way you can counter the negative is to create a more powerful opposite suggestion. The dominant feeling is the one that manifests in the body and life situations. To transform and heal feelings, use your imagination and see, feel and know yourself in the desired state right now. To accomplish this, guard your moods. All ancient teachings mention that it is wise to detach from moods.

Your body reflects your feelings. So, it figures that if you dwell on the positive and think feelingly on how you prefer to be, you will begin to live and act on that conviction. If you really want to change your health, wealth, appearance, relationships or whatever is important to you, you must develop an intense and focused feeling for the transformation. When you master this action, you are a conscious creator of your destiny. It is necessary that you learn to control the subconscious part of the mind, which are your ideas and feelings.

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