Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Dreams

Our dreams can be actualized if we would be disciplined enough to believe in them. Part of the discipline is to look at ourselves and others in a new way, a way that is beneficial and positive. When we are finally God Realized we do not judge by appearances. The key is seeing others as we desire them to be...only good. We can actually do our part in bringing heaven on earth by seeing and hearing the good.

A Krishna, Babaji, Buddha or Christ Consciousness is alive in every person; it is only asleep. When we begin to see the truth hidden in ourselves and others, we awaken and no longer sleep. Our imagination is a holy and creative womb. Instead of turning to the outer for sought answers, why not turn to the holy Presence within? The perfection we seek is already created. It becomes a tangible reality to us when we call it into manifestation and believe in it as our only truth. We see only our perfect Self.

The goal is to learn detachment from the ever changing mood swings. Instead, make an effort to live in the feeling energy, which knows itself as Divine. By accepting our divinity, we unveil the reality of who we are. Instead of lowering our behavior to subconscious assumptions, let us seek for and evoke the most sublime part of who we really are. When we assume that we are already perfect and only asleep to that fact, our behavior will subtly and unconsciously change reflecting our true essence. Since other people continually observe our subconscious assumptions, why not change the subconscious and assume the best of ourselves? This understanding is a perfect form of prayer for the consciousness of another or for our own peace and balance.

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

True, it's so simple, when we see it.