Monday, May 12, 2008

Talking to Yourself

Do you talk to yourself? It can be a perfect way to pray for yourself or another.
I am referring to a positive conversation. You can actually produce something good in your life or another in your physical life by carrying on mental conversations in your invisible, internal life. What you do is visualize good outcomes in your mind and conversation. When you do this, you actually awaken a vibration that correlates with your intent. Eventually, it becomes an objective fact.

Prayer is very interesting as to how it works. Frequently, when you pray for another, you are set free from your own entanglements. Remember, when you focus on a friend, have him tell you about how his or her situation has dramatically improved. You in turn will feel great joy for your friend. This type of mental imagination creation actually awakens in him the corresponding vibration of what state of mind or circumstance that you are affirming. It will eventually become a fact. Asking for good for another and imagining the good materializing will benefit both of you.

We begin with imagination. Imagine what you desire is good and then it is up to you believe it to be true. We have minds to be used for the good of not only ourselves but others and the world itself. The secret is being self-disciplined. Sometimes it takes our looking at our self or another person with different eyes before a change can happen. It is similar to being blind in many ways. The ideal attitude is not to judge another by appearance, but to judge righteously. Train yourself to see others as you desire them to be. See only good in the other. This is not manipulation in any sense. It is seeing the good and infinite possibilities that is latent within all of us. In this way you are willingly helping to create harmony and draw out the goodness, which is necessary to be free. Stop seeing caterpillars. Instead, see butterflies. We can only see what is awakened within us.

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