Friday, May 9, 2008

Thought Transmissions

When you pray for good convince yourself that what your thoughts are focused on will manifest. Whatever the subconscious assumes will at some point in your journey materialize. Your beliefs and attitudes constantly mold your thoughts and behavior. None of this is new but it is wise to remind ourselves of this truth. There are many of us now who wish for a new world. Wishing won't make it so. We must change our idea of the world situation. We must see it and even talk to it in our mind as to how we envision it. If the world does not improve or we do not mature or gain balance, the cause lies within us. When we firmly believe in the state we affirm, results will follow. Everything can be transformed including us because mind is the builder.

When we seek change in ourselves, others, situations or the world itself, confidence is required on our part. If you are seeing another person healthy and balanced and that thought materializes, your job is done. It is then up to the other person to remain in the new energy or return to his former imbalance. Whatever state of mind that holds our attention determines our life. So, in many ways heaven can be called our subconsciousness. Whatever exists in that level of energy manifests as our reality.

Many of us have a giving consciousness. Another way of looking at giving is that we are really not giving to another. What we are doing is helping them resurrect the goodness that is already hidden within them. When we recognize a state it serves to awaken it. Consciousness is the one and only reality. Consciousness is modified by belief. All states of mind exist subjectively. Our choices awaken them, objectify them. Have you ever pondered the truth that what you think of another person and yourself is a result of your fixed ideas of that person or self? So, if you do not favor what you see in yourself or another or even the world, change your image of it. Success depends on you and not on the subject who you are focused on.
If another person does not accept your private thoughts about them, they will be rejected and return to you. Something to think about.

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