Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ideal Setting for Prayer

What I am going to say right now is another view of prayer. It is a controlled act. This works to help people who are resistant to help. In other words, they have buried themselves in such a hole that they literally cannot imagine that they can actually be healed. In private, think through the healing in your mind with conviction and accept that the healing is already done for the patient. Mentally speak to the patient and congratulate him on his healing, success or whatever it is that will benefit him. Mentally see him balanced. Believe me when I say that what we confidently affirm subjectively to ourselves and others will manifest in the objective world.

You need to be partly in a subjective/meditative state of mind and be bold regarding what you affirm. Visualization, imagination, boldness, confidence and yes, persistence does work. Your intent is to get in touch with the patients subjective part of the mind. There can be no doubt on your part. This is a controlled prayer, a prayer where you are imagining and expressing an ideal for the benefit of the patient. What you state in confidence silently in your heart will manifest in the mind of the patient as his very own idea. Isn't that interesting?

More of us need to understand the power of the subconscious mind. You can control your own subconscious through the power of your belief. You can also help another person who has become weak and confused by addressing his or her subconscious planting fresh seeds of health, hope and happiness. Using a strong faith and imagination, you will be putting into practice the secret of creation.

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