Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to Make Prayer Successful

It will take both imagination and faith to make a prayer successful. We need to create a mood where we feel that our desire is being fulfilled. If we hesitate, doubt and don't fully accept as true what we desire, it won't work. For instance, if you are trying to help another through prayer, mentally shout his or her name several times in your mind. See the person in your mind balanced as you intuitively tell him or her his good fortune. Then imagine the person telling you in a normal voice the good that has happened to him. Make your conversation a healing reality.

What you must have is a clear mind and feel the truth that the state of balance or whatever it is that is needed has been received. I know it is a mental conversation but mental conversations that are felt with passion and acceptance regarding having been received, we objectify. By your accepting that it is done actually wills the means by which it is done. Mentally talk to your own self in time of need and mentally talk to your friends as though your desires are accepted by them and are in the process of actualizing. If you really accept that a healing is taking place, the spirit in which you accept this as truth manifests the new reality.

You must be confident. To be confident requires you to look past the physical appearance, put aside your fear and negative feelings. It requires absolute trust, faith and imagination. When you are confident regarding a cure or change, your attitude does more than any medical treatment can accomplish. If you or the patient is overly emotional or overly intellectual, the senses take over. Doubt creeps in and everything is null and void. Actually, if the patient is basically doubtful or negative in his thinking, direct your subconscious suggestions to him silently and secretly when the patient is absent. The last thing you need in helping another or your self is to be up against an antagonistic belief. Don't tell the patient. Also, it is best not to tell others if you are working silently and secretly on your own healing. It is strange but true that sometimes it is better to keep the objective part of the mind in ignorance of the suggestion being direct at the subjective.

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