Thursday, June 5, 2008

How Do You Feel Love When You Don't Feel Good About Yourself?

The inconvenient and tragic part about a low sense of self esteem is that it can begin the moment you arrive on the planet. If the parents are not spiritually attuned to the higher frequencies of love and wisdom, they can easily influence their children creating emotional damage. I personally feel that the confusion, anger, habitual problems particularly emotional ones that are so prevelant today are the result of an individual not having a clue as to his own spirit identity.

Spiritual ignorance has been the normal consciousness for the majority of souls on the planet. If you are oblivious to who you really are, your evolutionary background, your body of Light, or the difference between the higher Nature and the lower nature,or your purpose in the flesh how can you really know what love is? Money, fame, material gains, friends and family only offer temporary pleasures and frequently a love that is not true. A permanent peace or genuine love of the Self occurs gradually as the mind awakens to its true energy, the higher Self. If knowledge regarding identity and defining love is ego based, there is not a balanced interchange.

To instill the truth of your spirit identity into your thinking and subjective part of the mind, you will need to tap into the hidden reservoir of the super conscious part of your mind. You do that through prayer, meditation, study of sacred texts and self-study. This is a vast subject that will remain only an intellectual one until you surrender your lower nature to the Creator of your higher Nature. It is up to you to cultivate devotion towards the Divine. Not devotion to an idol or a person but devotion to the Supreme One, Light, who is your very breath. At the same time, recognizing, accepting and being the light and beauty you are will definitely help you fall in love with your own energy as a child of God hidden in matter.

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