Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Feeling of Reality

Feed your mind with positive assumptions. Presume your desire is true. Feel it. Remember, to change events in our third dimensional world, we must first change them in the fourth dimensional reality. Time is one way we can measure the arrival of a fourth dimensional object or experience. Change is also a characteristic of the fourth dimension. Imagine your desire as a living energy.

The third dimensional world is really a shadow of a more fundamental and dimensionally larger world. You can prove what I am writing about by focusing your attention on an invisible state and imagining that you see and feel it. If you really concentrate, your present environment fades and you will become aware of a larger world where the object or desire of your heart will be observed as a concrete reality. Shamans practice this knowledge. It is a form of time travel as well.

When we explore our inner mind, time and space are altered. To change our physical lives, we need not only to be aware of the world of matter, which is limited, we must awaken to a new way of thinking and feeling in the world of infinite possibilities and perceive with our spiritual senses. The two compliment each other. The more we exercise our spiritual senses and the invisible, the greater the benefits we experience in the world of the physical senses and visible.

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