Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obedience to the Voice

Most people cringe when they hear the word obedience. In a positive sense, obedience to the inner Voice will help you fulfill your desires. The spiritual aspect of who you are speaks to you through the language of desire. This is also true regarding base desires as well. The wise man knows the difference. If your thinking mind assumes something is true, the fourth-dimensional self will find ways to make your desire to come true.

If the mind is undisciplined, it will not be easy to assume a state which is not recognized by the physical senses. If this is your case, there is still something you can do. You can change your future through a clear idea of what you really want.The next step is to see yourself in some activity that compliments your idea after it happens. Thirdly, relax, close your eyes and feel yourself actualizing the desire as action. You are not an observer in this case; you are performing the action. So, action follows desire. You must really feel the action. Make it vivid.

Remember, this discipline is done while your body is very relaxed. Feel yourself right in the moment fulfilling your desire. What does it feel like to have your desire fulfilled? It is the spiritual self that is feeling it because your physical body is in a near sleep state. In fact, keep up this feeling as you actually fall asleep. You will experience what you desired and imagined in the flesh now as an action in the fourth-dimensional world. You will re-enact it in the future, here in the third-dimensional world.

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