Monday, June 9, 2008

Intense Practice

To achieve any talent, it requires intense practice. This holds particularly true when we aspire to reach a state of mind called self-mastery. What is intense practice? It involves deliberately overcoming the natural tendencies of the body, emotions and mind. If we have not learned to control reactions, the senses knowledge and performing devotional acts alone will not free us.

What are we overcoming? The reactions from conditioning and hidden subjective memories. If we are not consciously aware of our reactions and do not have control of our senses, they will ultimately takeover our consciousness. It will be very difficult to feel peaceful. Self-study includes the observation of one's own behavior as well as the psycho dynamics of the mind.

If you are not already writing in a daily journal, I suggest that you do so now. Two journals are ideal. A diary that keeps track of your human nature is like a sharp sword. You will be able to detect what is robbing you of your own control. Check your mind constantly for worries and delusions. Recording observations about yourself helps you do this. When you see your concerns in black and white, it provides you with an opportunity to correct the daily mistakes. Also, keep a second diary for your spiritual and intuitive insights, dreams and visions.

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